New burial methods as we run out of grave space

New burial methods as we run out of grave space

It’s not one of those urban myths, we are actually running out of burial space. This is not just a European problem either, but a worldwide one. Even for burials, some eco friendly options now exist.

The burial of our loved ones in a graveyard is something that many of us have come to know as normal. As space runs out however, this is becoming problematic. Families are having to move out of town in search of burial spaces and placing family members to rest beside each other is trickier than ever. For those that can tolerate a method that goes out of the usual way we do things, there are other alternatives.

One method that has been getting some press lately is resomation. This burial method actually uses a chemical process to break the body down so that bones and a sterile liquid remain. The remains are processed further into a white powder that the family can hold in an urn, just like ashes. The difference with this and cremation is that it emits less greenhouse gases and mercury.

Such a method, where there is no burial and no grave to visit could be hard to take on board for the family of a deceased loved one. It’s hard to picture someone who means so much being reduced in this way, yet the reality is that such procedures could become a part of saying goodbye in the future.

Our concept of using aerosols and other products during our lifetime has changed, largely due to the effects on the environment. It remains to be seen whether the same can apply during the difficult moment of saying goodbye. Chances are that it will be the deceased who will stipulate such a sending off. Some will like to leave the earth with minimal impact too, others won’t like the idea at all. How it all pans out will become clear, maybe in our generation, maybe not…

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