Nukemap – target your own neighbourhood

Nukemap – target your own neighbourhood

Did you know that you could target your neighbourhood as a nuclear blast site, with Nukemap, you can literally nuke your own street. You can even do this without any of the ensuing disastrous effects.

Every considered nuking your own house, just for fun? Well, with Nukemap you can do so. This handy online calculator lets you calculate the results of a nuclear disaster in your area. Literally, show where you are on the map, enter a little data and – detonate. Yes, Nukemap has a detonation button funnily enough.

Aside from being a (somewhat morbid) potential source of amusement, Nukemap does have some real-life applications. What if you were concerned about the area you are living in? Perhaps you are in the market for a new house, and being as far away from anything nuclear is a high priority? Then all you need to do is calculate and detonate.

Nukemap’s latest version is 3D and features things like body counts. With real-life animation of a nuclear fireball and expanding mushroom cloud, you get a real feel for what will happen should a nuke go off in any area. It has quite a lot of other features such as fallout mapping, which accounts for the wind, estimates of casualties, and even a run-down of how many important things will be ruined, such as schools or hospitals.

Scary stuff, but then again, so is a nuclear blast. This is something that is akin to a computer game in some ways, what we hope is impossible plays out on our screen in a harmless way. Nukemap is gaining popularity however and could become a key information source for people throughout the world. If nothing else, it’s good to get people thinking about the nuclear threat and the ridiculous situation where we still have these weapons in our world.

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