Our New Year’s resolution for 2016

Our New Year’s resolution for 2016

If there is one New Year’s resolution we all need for 2016, it’s to look after our home a little better than we have done in previous years.

The climate change summit in Paris marked a new acceptance of the level of urgency we all face with climate change. People in power and people in general have stopped talking about this phenomenon as something that might or could happen. It is now being referred to as something we are living in and a look out of our window on one of the many stormy days we have to put up with tells us that this must be our new reality.

It’s time for a new start and we can all make 2016 the year that we pay a little more attention to the environment. If you are pondering a New Year’s resolution or two for the coming year, here are a few great ones.

First of all, just think before you buy. Do you really need to buy everything you do in an entire year. Save money, production and transportation by opting out of purchases you really don’t need to make.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Keep these words in  your head, throw out less, use things until they are really finished – you can even have fun doing so!

Walk or bike it more. Make it your New Year’s resolution to cut down on car journeys. Every time you jump in and drive, you add to the problem, spend money on petrol and take away a chance to exercise. There are so many reasons not to drive, so think it out before each journey. Your waistline will benefit too.

Buy second hand if you can. It’s amazing the bargains you will pick up and you cut down on pollution at the same time.

These are just a few ideas for changes that you can make in 2016 that are meaningful, impactful and will help save your world. Now what could be better than that? Start planning now!

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