Want to really honour someone – try planting a tree

Want to really honour someone – try planting a tree

If you have been searching for a gift that will truly honour someone special, consider planting a tree. When it comes to gifts that truly last a lifetime and beyond, it doesn’t get better than this.

Planting a tree can be done to mark any occasion in someone’s lifetime. Anything from a birth to an an anniversary, to a funeral is complemented by this lovely gesture, and it’s a fitting gift for anyone. In particular, planting a tree in someone’s memory will make them live on, whilst allowing their life to contribute still through everything that trees offer us in the form of beauty and clean air.

Aside from contributing to re-forestation efforts, commemorating a life in this way leaves an enduring tribute to a person, a place to visit and contemplate why that tree is there. Greeting cards can be sent to people that talk about the person and why they would want this, making it extremely personal.  Donations can be gathered towards tree planting as opposed to paying for other gifts that simply increase consumption and pollution. There is no doubt, for the person who has everything, this is one that will work.

Trees clean our air and our water. They give us Oxygen to breathe and provide a home for wildlife. In addition, they look beautiful and generally make our world a better place. Planting a tree is also a relatively inexpensive way to gift somebody too, yet it is a gift filled with meaning. You could even plant a tree in memory of a pet and teach your kids about the different ways to mark a special life, be that an animal or a human one.

If you are stumped for a gift to give someone, get online and check out the many options for tree planting. It’s easy to do, and a wonderful way to bring people together in a common, urgent goal to preserve our environment.

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