Plastic soup – the new name for our oceans

Plastic soup – the new name for our oceans

The scale of plastic pollution in our seas is so serious that it is literally turning them into plastic soup pieces. By 2050, 95% of seabirds will have plastic in their gut according to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Weathering, sunlight and wave action all reduce plastics to smaller particles, which do not degrade biologically and are deadly for many marine animals.

As a result of this breakdown of plastic into smaller particles, ocean water has been transformed into a sort of global micro plastic soup. All sorts of organisms living in or off the sea mistakenly see this debris as food, which brings this into our food chain.

Not only that, but toxins are released from the plastic, compounding an already serious problem. The solution lies in our actions, if we all think before we pick up a PET bottle, or a plastic bag, we play a part in saving our seas. The mess needs to be cleaned up, but if we reduce the amount getting out there in the first place, we take a vital step.

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