Profit before the environment – a certain way to lose

Profit before the environment – a certain way to lose

Profit before nature is hard to avoid when you are dealing with most companies. Everyone there has their job to do, and that job is essentially to make the company worth more money. Stopping to think about the environment is not always the focus.

When it comes to putting profit before the environment, no-one does it better than global corporations. In fact it has been said that they are truly ruining our natural capital as they build their own success. Scarily, almost half of the top ten multinational corporations are energy companies, which seems strange as most of our natural reserves are gone and we are reduced to harmful practices like fracking to drag out the last drop of fuel.

Large companies need space in order to make money too. They need arable land, tons and tons of water and places to dump their waste. Whilst they pursue profit target after profit target, the natural assests that, in theory, we all own are being eaten up at an alarming rate. When resources run out in one place, they move to another and continue until all of that is gone too. The aftermath of this is often an environment that is reduced to a shadow of its former self.

It’s possible to live and profit in a way more harmonious with the planets needs, but as there is not as much short term gain this is often forgotten. What we all need companies to do is to invest in our future and not in their profits alone. Those that can truly show they care stand to gain the goodwill of so many people. If only more of them would strive to achieve goals other that profit, at least for a time, they would possibly see their profits soar.

It’s not impossible, it’s about thinking outside the box and putting all those busy execs to work on the greater good for themselves and the rest of us. The potential is there, it’s time to unlock it.


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