Re-cycling old electronics

Re-cycling old electronics

So where do old electronics go to die? Usually landfills, but there are an increasing range of options for recycling them. Throwing them out is not really necessary, furthermore, you have the right to know how they get recycled.

Old electronics clog up our homes more and more these days, as the pace at which they become obsolete has been accelerated by producers. If you really must buy the latest electronics, then it’s better if you can at least recycle what you are replacing. There are many ways to do this too. Some electronics retailers offer in-store drop-off programs and this is for anything from an old vacuum cleaner to small batteries. Often, when you buy a new applicance, a company will pick up your old one and have it recycled as part of the deal, so make sure to enquire before you buy.

Some companies will offer a refund when you return items for re-cycling. Printer companies can even offer a few euros for returned cartridges.

Aside from the efforts made by private companies, there are many government initiatives whereby you can simply call a number or sign up to get rid of your old electronics in a responsible way. Just use your electronics to google and find out where they are.

If you are now a converted electronic goods recycler, remember to protect yourself whilst doing so. Before recycling a phone or computer erase all personal information from them, remove any discs and wipe any hard drives. It’s possible too to check on the integrity of the recycling efforts that companies make. Check their policies online, or ask at their shop counters. You have the right to know just how these items are being handled and just how good a job they are doing at preventing pollution. 

So get on board with electronics recycling and let the retailers here your voice.

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