Jamie Oliver – helping to cut waste whilst saving money

Jamie Oliver – helping to cut waste whilst saving money

Jamie Oliver has been fighting his war against unhealthy food, and it has been well documented, but he has also turned his attention to waste.

His focus on cooking cheap, healthy meals, which can be made really quickly has shot him to stardom, and he’s been clever enough to notice the many benefits to cooking smart. One thing he has not forgotten either is the benefit of waste prevention that come from saving money, eating properly and cooking efficiently.

So many food items get thrown away and we often consider small portions, unfinished vegetables, old cheese, or yesterday’s meals as complete waste. The amount of food that ends up in the bin is horrendous, but if we can change our way of thinking and take another look at these food items, we will actually find ways to save waste and reduce our shopping bill at the same time.

Jamie Oliver has some fantastic tips for using up that old tomato, corner of cheese or quarter of an onion that is usually designated to the rubbish bin. Overripe tomatoes function as great sauce thickeners, an does an old piece of cheese too. Some dishes simply call for quarter of an onion, or you can double up the portions you cook and save time and money on the next meal you make.

His tips are available on his website, save with Jamie, and in a book with the same name, which is available on Amazon. There are some great tips and tricks in there for reducing your shopping bill and contributing to cutting waste. When it comes to great cooking, running a smart household – and now preventing waste, it seems Jamie Oliver is our man.

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