Seeking a green school – here’s what to look out for

Seeking a green school – here’s what to look out for

Whether you work in teaching or want to send your kids to a green school, it is possible to find schools that take real steps towards being eco friendly.

If you are in the process of trying to find a genuinely green school, or perhaps want to give your child’s school some tips for doing so, here are a few handy ways to get there.

One thing a good green school will do is encourage its students and the families it interacts with to get involved in green initiatives. Rubbish collection days, recycling drives and countless other activities not only give the kids a fun thing to do, they teach a valuable lesson in keeping our planet healthy. Teachers can talk to students about cutting back on the use of plastic, getting a re-useable box instead of throw away packaging for their lunches and drinks.

Aside from educating people, a green school can toe the line in being green too and one great way to do so is to go digital. Staff working in the school admin should be encouraged not to print unless it’s really necessary. Books can go digital and any paper that is used should be recycled as much as possible. If paper books are part of the curriculum a book sharing or second hand book programme makes a lot of sense, rather than buying newly printed books each year.

A good green school will take a look at its energy usage and try to cut back on aircon and heating as much as possible. Green certification can even be attained for the school building to ensure that is stays up to standard. Green areas are not only great fun for kids and nice to look at, they give wildlife and insects a helping hand. A programme that encourages the development of a garden of planting of trees somewhere will give back tremendously.

Small steps for one school maybe, but adding this up over millions of schools, now that’s a real impact!


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