That pool of hot water that is being passed around the world

That pool of hot water that is being passed around the world

Greenhouse gas emmissions are creating a pool of hot water in our oceans and that pool is being passed around the globe on ocean currents. Which continent will bear the full brunt of its impact does not seem to be clear yet either.

This pool of hot water has come about because of global warming. The excess heat trapped in our atmosphere has lead to warm water and in particular, a very large pool of it. The problem seems to have started in the Pacific Ocean, where a pool of hot water has formed, but that has now moved from there to other parts of the globe. Being brought along by the currents, it has made its way to the Indian Ocean. Where it will end up, no one is sure yet, but it does not seem to have depleted enough to stop being a cause for concern.

We all know that the water stays warm even when the temperature outside cools off and this is certainly the case with our oceans. In fact, with global warming this is amplified and it’s no surprise that this pool of hot water has formed. Of course the temperature of the sea affects both the temperature and the weather on land, meaning this pool could being with it weather abnormalities that are new to a particular region.

Scientists don’t really know where this pool is headed, and there is a chance it could make its way up to more Northern regions of the globe. Warmer water, in combination with the already melting glaciers could spell trouble for places such as North Europe. The Gulf Stream and other important currents play a vital role in how the weather works there, so this pool of hot water won’t necessarily be welcome.

It’s all proof, yet again, that when one part of the planet is affected we all are. We need to join together to save where we live, and we need to do it soon.

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