The bike you can hang on the wall

The bike you can hang on the wall

In order to cut back on pollution, bring down our worldwide obesity problem and just get out there, we are turning more and more to the bike. The problem with the bike however is that it has to be stored and if you live in a city, you may not have a whole lot of room to store it.

Those of us who are living in cities are increasingly turning to the bike to get around. Cycling makes total sense too, no parking woes, no sitting in traffic to try and make it up the street, no road rage and great exercise. Getting on the bike is without doubt a win win. The problem is, if you have limited space, where are you going to put it? Many of us living in cities don’t have sheds or even gardens. The founder of a website called TreeHugger has come up with a solution that really works. He has designed a bike that folds completely flat and comes with a hook. Rather than have a bulky bike lying around taking up space, you simply hang this one on the wall. As it’s flat, it does not stick out, in fact, it’s a veritable piece of art in itself.

And the design gets better and better. The corridor bike is a variation on this that has specially styled holders on the bars and wheels. The idea is that you can sling your bike up on the wall, and add some bags, coats or whatever you want too. Granted that’s making it stick out a bit more than you would like, but it might be handy to have bike, bag and coat all in the one place when you are running out in the morning. This is foldable too, so you can bring it with you on journeys and store it away if you want to.

So cycling lovers, you bike has become more than your transport, it’s art and a coat hook too. Fascinating!


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