The Hinkley nuclear deal – probably the worst idea of our time

The Hinkley nuclear deal – probably the worst idea of our time

Thorpe/Sellafied/Windscale, whatever you want to call it has been an environmental issue in the UK for decades, now enter Hinkley, possibly the most ridiculous idea we will see in our lifetimes.

There has been much fanfare in the British press lately about the signing of a deal with China to build a massive nuclear plant in Hinkley. Kate and Will were even there when the deal was signed and this has been lauded as a breakthrough event. It certainly is that, but as Greenpeace points out, not for the right reasons.

Hinkley is being brought into being at a time when the rest of the world is looking to renewables. All it marks is a short-sighted step backwards and an incredibly expensive one too. This project will cost billions, money which could be used to harness the power of Britain’s natural resources. The sea, the wind and the sun are all waiting there to be converted to energy, and yet the people in charge have decided to opt for an outdated technique that causes massive pollution.

Despite having undergone a few name changes, we all know that Sellafied has made the Irish Sea the most radioactive one in the world. Birth deformities and sickness have spread around the local area and across to Ireland and yet all of this seems to be ignored. Nuclear power has not worked out, neither ecologically or economically and yet, the UK is pushing ahead with plans to create a massive eyesore in a beautiful area of the country.

It all goes to show that when money talks and a certain set of people are set to make a fortune, the environment and the people of the general population matter less. This is an incredible step backwards for Britain and it sets a disastrous precendent for the rest of Europe. A bad decision should be stopped before it can cause too much destruction. Let’s hope people make their feelings clear and that they are listened too. Why should a handful of people get rich at the expense of the rest of us? Wake up Britain, you are making a big mistake!

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