The ice on the Antarctic is getting thicker

The ice on the Antarctic is getting thicker

After all the talk about melting ice and disintegrating ice sheets, a study has found that the ice on the Antarctic is actually getting thicker. That’s wonderful news, just what we have been waiting to hear.

A group of scientists have concluded via a report in the Journal of Glaciology that the depletion of the  western glacier region of the Antarctic is being offset by a thickening of the glaciers on the east. The reason for this being an increase in snowfall there, which sounds great. According to this report, the increase is said to amount to about 100 billion tons of extra ice per year, so National Geographic took a look at the whole thing to see if the facts hold up.

It sounds like we should jump for joy at this news – the glaciers of the Antarctic are getting better and our sea levels should not rise so much with melting glaciers. And indeed we should jump for joy, if it were all completely true that is. A closer look at the methodology and the equipment used seems to raise some serious questions about this particular piece of research. Aside from being completely in disagreement with the  information that all other climate scientists have, the data has been mostly collected from technology that could struggle to get accurate measurements in a place with as complex a topography as Antarctica.

Quite a few scientists disagree with the findings, not only because of the way the data was collected, but because of the facts that we see before us. Sea levels are already rising and entire glaciers have either shrunk or dissappeared already. Global warming and melting ice are already in progress, so any report that finds this is not happening will come up against the reality of what is actually going on around us.

Whilst it would be wonderful to turn to such a report for solace, the facts tell another story. There can be no denying, we have a lot of work to do if we want to save our home – and no report can change that.

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