The impact of transport on our world

The impact of transport on our world

Transport has become a vital part of all of our lives. It’s how we get to visit people we care about, experience new places and get deliveries of everything we need. It does come at a cost however.

Transport by air, road, and rail is continuously increasing as tourism and industry grows. The number of air travel passengers has shot up at least three fold to almost 3.5 million. The share of emissions from air travel has grown exponentially as cheap flights became a way of life for all of us. When you think that one transatlantic flight produces nearly half of the CO2 that the average person uses all year to run their car and their house, you get an idea of the size of the impact.

The results include global warming, chemical pollution and acid rain and we already know the effect these things are having. Another issue with transport is that of waste, vehicles can add to the problem without moving anyone or anything around. Cars humming idly whilst stationary in traffic or buses that keep engines running to keep the air con on are examples of the wastage that is involved in transport. Often CO2 is emitted for no reason at all and with no beneficial result, compounding the problem even more.

Add to this the global transportation of our food, clothing and other items. This happens via the sea, air and land, with each method of transport leaving its own global footprint. What we need is a new way of doing things. Yes, we need our things moved around, yes, we want to be able to visit people abroad or go on holiday but we also need a planet too.

At the end of the day, the environment will react in the same way to the pollution that transport brings, mother nature cannot control that. It’s up to us to come up with a solution and fast.

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