The problem with TTIP

The problem with TTIP

The EU intends to sign a far-reaching trade agreement with the USA. TTIP or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is supposed to create jobs and increase economic growth. That’s the official line anyway.

The reality is the TTIP opens the door to letting corporations rule the roost on our food and where it comes from. It affects laws which were enacted in the interest of environmental and consumer protection.

Representatives of big business with TTIP are can participate in expert groups to influence new draft laws, even before these are discussed in the elected parliaments. Hardly democratic according to Stop

Big business has huge influence on any negotiations relating to TTIP. This is not a good recipe for making it in the interest of ordinary people.

Employee rights could be affected too and jobs could come under threat from massive foreign companies.

The EU and its member states is already under increasing pressure to allow risky technologies such as fracking or GM technology. There are good reasons Europe does not have these practices, but the corporations behind TTIP will undermine decision making if given free reign.

Food standards and consumer protection for cosmetics and medical products could drop to US standards, and at a time when we need higher, not lower standards. More pesticides, factory farming, unclean sources of energy need to be tighly controlled. Under TTIP, this becomes very difficult as the waters are so muddied by vested interests and economic gain.

Transatlantic trade is a good thing, as long as one party does not impose it’s ideas on another. Europe has brought about its own standards and ways of producing food. They need improvement already, so subjecting them to lower standards and pressure from money makers is certainly not the way forward.

Let’s hope, for all of our sakes that the policy makers don’t give in.

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