The tissue or the handkerchief – which one is best?

The tissue or the handkerchief – which one is best?

That time of the year has rolled around again, where noses get sniffly and people being to reach for a tissue of a handkerchief. So which is best?

Suprisingly, both the tissue and the handy have environmental benefits. A handkerchief can be washed and re-used, but a tissue can also be composted. The handy thing about the tissue however is that you don’t need to shove it back into your pocket after using it. The tissue and all of its gorey contents can be disposed of immediately. The trouble with this of course is that you contribute to the build up of landfill when you do so. Tissues are made from trees too, and whilst it might seem like you don’t do much harm by putting one light two ply piece in the bin, think about this from a world wide perspective, with billions of people doing the same thing. Suddenly the numbers get much larger.

Aside from this, the process by which our pretty tissue is bleached white is a very destructive one that causes a lot of pollution and contributes to greenhouse gases. The handkerchief wins out here, erradicatng the need for all of this waste.

Yet, the hanky is not perfect either. It could be made from GMO cotton seeds, it could also be bleached, or even coloured. In fact, unless it’s organic, it’s not great either.

So what is the answer – it seems to be a combination of both. Keep tissues on hand for when you need to use something disposable, but make sure they are recycled ones. For times when you are less inclined to spread germs amongst others, opt for the handkerchief, but make it a natural, organically produced one.

This is a viable way to keep the nose clean, contain germs and avoid too much destruction of the environment. There is actually a healthier way to blow your nose, who would have thought?


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