Think Green – 9 apps to show eco love

Think Green  – 9 apps to show eco love

Think Green – Would you like to change a few little things in your life to help the environment but unsure how? Well, here are 9 apps you can use to make changes that benefit the environment.


Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love - greenliving.planetfem.comGoodguide (Android & iPhone):

With this Think Green-app you can find: safe, healthy and green products. Good guide scientists tests the products and rate them from 1 to 10 based on health, environmental and social impact. This makes sure that the products you use are safe cause damage to the environment.


Oroeco (iPhone)
Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love -

Oroeco is an app that makes sure that you can track and lower the impact on the environment. With this app you can see how the choices you make on a daily basis change the climate.

You can immediately see how you spend your money, for example and how that makes a different in the environment. The app helps you therefore to not only save money and but also customize actions to help you improve.




#Climate (iPhone): Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love -

The #climate app is a social media platform where you are able to share and discover movements to help change and improve the environment. The idea of #Climate was to bring people and companies together. You can build a profile in the app and you can share the topics that you’re interested in or passionate about. It will suggest movements which help us to think green and which you may be interested in based on your profile criteria.


Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love -

Carma Carpooling (Android & iPhone):

This app reduces traffic. With this app you can search for a driver that’s in the neighborhood. The driver will bring you to the destination and you pay the driver. But the difference between an Uber type service and carpooling is that several people can use the same drive at the same time and this ensures that there will be fewer cars on the road which is good for the environment and helps us think green in easy ways. It can even be cheaper than taking the bus!





Farmstand (iPhone):Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love -

What the Farmstand app does is help you find the closets farmers markets around the world. The app finds the closest market and gives you directions, information and photos of the market. You can post photos of the markets you go to. And share them with the Farmstand community.



Love Food Hate Waste (Android & IPhone): Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love -

This app makes sure that you won’t waste too much food. You could save up to €200,- of wasted food. The app will help you make recipes from the left over food you have in your fridge. It will help you with keeping track of the food you buy and help reduce the amount of leftovers. You’ll have a portion planner and a meal planner to make it easier AND you end up saving a lot of money.



E-readers (Android & iPhone): Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love -

If there isn’t an easier way to think green then I don’t know what it is. Ok, so, this suggestion isn’t really based on one specific app app but it will help the environment. By reading a book on your laptop, tablet or smartphone there won’t be any paper used. This means that fewer trees will be cut and that is better for our planet. By reading e-books you will be able to take more books with you, without having a heavy bag or cutting down to many trees.



Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love - greenliving.planetfem.comWWF Together (IOS):

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a big company that protects animals in the wild. They made an app with photo’s and films of the animals there protecting and they’ve put information about how the climate change affects the animals. To make people realize what is happing to the animals and their homes.



Think Green - 10 apps to show some eco love - greenliving.planetfem.comPowerPup ( Android & IOS):

In the PowerPup app there is a sea lion that takes you on an adventure. What you have to do in the game is dodge enemies and race from the rise of the sea temperature. While your playing the game it gives you energy saving tips. These tips are to save the seas from climate change. This is a fun way to learn more and do something about the climate.




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