#trashtag Challenge – What it is and Why you Should Join it

#trashtag Challenge – What it is and Why you Should Join it

In the era of the internet, it is common that viral challenges appear. There are some harmless and fun ones, like the Harlem Shake, there are some that are slightly questionable, like the Cinnamon challenge, and there are some that are just plain stupid, like eating the Tide pods. But it happens very rarely that a challenge has a positive background or a positive effect.

One such was the Ice Bucket challenge,

which had a goal of bringing attention to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). And now, there is another challenge on the internet that brings the hope in humanity back.

Trashtag challenge started on Twitter and spread like wildfire (although, considering the current state of Amazon rainforests, that does not seem like a good thing to joke about). The main goal of the challenge is for people to clean up the environment and post before and after pictures, showing that even one person can make a change.

It started small, but more and more people joined, and they achieved some really impressive results. Some cleaned neighbouring parks, some beaches, some people did it on their own, in some cased the entire families came together to clean a place up, and the results are incredible. Most of the before and after pictures do not even look like the same place.

The internet hype has

been calming down recently, but that does not mean the challenge should die. As we all know, the amount of trash that cannot be recycled and that is deadly for nature produced each day is enormous, and unfortunately, most of the time it is not disposed of properly.

Even the things that can be recycled are often just dropped off anywhere, recycling being the last thing on people’s minds. It does not help that many people litter freely, not thinking about consequences of such actions (or, honestly, about what kind of people littering makes them).

There are less and less healthy green areas in the places we live, nowhere to walk, sit and relax, breathe fresh air and enjoy the nature. When you go and look at the state of such places, it probably seems like there is nothing that can be done, at least not without lots of money and people. But this challenge proves that it is not like that at all, quite the opposite, that just one person, even in just one day, can change everything.

We should all go …

and find at least one place that needs cleaning, get a couple of friends or family members, prepare gloves and trash bags, plan the action out, and start doing it.

It might be a bit yucky and smelly in the beginning, but think about the fact that you are helping the planet, our whole entire Earth, that you are saving it with your own two hands. If you feel like it, you can make it ‘official’ too – snap a few of those before and after photo and post them online with a #trashtag hashtag. But trust me, no amount of likes and comments from strangers on the internet will compare to the feeling in your chest that you will have when you see what a difference you have made.

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