Used teabags? Think before throwing them out!

Used teabags? Think before throwing them out!

Are you about to throw out that little pile of teabags that has built up throughout the day? Well, think again, you could do some great recycling work, and save yourself money by putting them to good use.

You may already be aware that used teabags are great fertilizer for your plants, but they have a host of other uses too.

Eye beauty – it’s true that applying a cold teabag onto tired, puffy eyes can work. The caffeine in them does wonders to reduce darkness and that puffed look.

Verrucas – no need to buy special cream for these annoying things. Simply apply a warm wet teabag for 10-20 minutes, and then leave it to dry naturally. Do so for a couple of days and you should actually clear the wart naturally.

Save money on facials – by giving your face a nice warm brew. Put a towel over your head and lean over a hot bowl with a teabag in it. Keep the steam in with a towel and revive the skin on your face.

A wet teabag is great for soothing burns or scratches, just put on top of the affected area. The same applies to sunburn and bites, and those annoying cold sores that crop up at the worst possible times.

A teabag soaking in water can save you washing up liquid and elbow grease. Just let it soak overnight in a greasy bowl or pot and your job is much easier in the morning.

A wet old teabag is actually great for polishing dark shoes – who knew?

If you have an annoying smell in your fridge, a used teabag left overnight in a cup will absorb the offending odours, saving you a scrubbing job.

Tea – it really is amazing, no wonder it’s such a popular drink! Time for a cuppa?

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