Veggie gardens are for everyone, even urbanites

Veggie gardens are for everyone, even urbanites

Veggie gardens may seem like a luxury more exclusive to country dwellers. Urbanites can get in on the trend too however, even with limited growing space.

The everyday movement of food products from where they are produced to our table has quite an environmental impact. Not only that, but with bought food, you are never 110% sure about what you are truly eating. How was it grown? Were GMO’s introduced at some stage? How much nutrition gets lost in storage?

The beauty of veggie gardens is in the level of certainty you have with your food. You know where it came from, what went into it and the best point at which to eat it. A well designed veggie garden takes less time than you might think too, especially when you factor in the time you spend running off to the supermarket. Here are some solid reasons to consider a veggie garden suited to your space:

First of all, you get ultimate freshness and nutrition. Your food just travelled from your window ledge to your plate, not 1000’s of kilometres. You will truly taste the difference, and can watch for the right moment to pluck your food item.

Educating the kids is one of the main benefits of growing your own. Not only do you equip them with vital skills to produce their own food, you teach them respect for nature and how to care for living things.

Money can be saved, and quite a lot. A bag of seeds is much cheaper than packaged vegetables. Not only that, but you can propogate your plants yourself once they have grown.

There are a variety of benefits available to anyone choosing to create their own veggie garden. And these benefits go beyond putting the finest food on your dinner table. By actively cutting down on packaging, transport and processing of foods, you are doing a great thing for the environment too. Whether you have a window ledge, or a massive back yard, a veggie garden can be yours.

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