Water is healthy, but not always.

Water is healthy, but not always.

Water is life. That is true, but your average drink of water is not as healthy as it was a few years ago.

Whether you get it from the tap, or from a plastic bottle, water can be contaminated and even harsh on the environment. For one, plastic water bottles contain a chemical called BPA, which has been linked to hormone problems and related health problems, including obesity. As for the plastic bottle itself, these are causing environmental chaos the world over.

Amongst some of the substances you find in your water is Flouride. The debate about how good or bad this is has gone on for years, but one thing is sure, too much of it is not good. It has been noted to have a connection with weakened immunity and an increased risk of cancer and some countries in Europe banned the use of it completely.

Alzheimer’s is something you hear about a lot these days, and the heavy metals we get in our water such as Aluminum or Lead can play a role in this. There has been a lot of concern about possible links between aluminum in the body, and increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Lead poses risks for children’s development and learning abilities.

Antibiotics, birth control pills, you name it, traces can show up in the water. This is not only because people don’t dispose of them properly, but because of leaks and seepage from landfills where they often end up.


Chlorine is used a lot to kill germs in water, but ingesting it can be toxic. In fact, it’s been associated with fertility problems and skin degeneration to name but two.

When it comes to drinking water, plastic bottles are a no – no and the tap is not much better. Bearing all of this in mind, your best best is probably filtered water. We might want to return to the filter jugs of the late 80s, seems they were not wrong after all.

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