Water nest – your new home in the future

Water nest – your new home in the future

Living on a house boat seems like a much more eco friendly way to live than traditional houses and a water nest is a way of boat living with all modern conveniences.

In most cities, finding a space to live can be tricky and expensive, so why not opt for a water nest? It’s possible to move out onto the water in a way that you don’t need to sacrifice all of the modern effects. In fact, with a water nest it’s possible to live in a less expensive manner, more in harmony with the environment and in a modern way.

The water nest is, for one, completely run by solar power. Sitting on a lake or river (or any calm area of water) it soaks up the sun and uses that energy to power all of the appliances you need. An Italian architecht, Giancarlo Zema came up with the idea and he has incoroporated enough space in the design to house a family of four. At  under 90 square meters, the water nest is not huge, but it’s so cleverly designed it works.

The great thing about the water nest is that you can build it from recycled or sustainable materials too, further reducing the carbon footprint that your home makes. The water nest is designed in a way that minimises the need for air con and heating, thereby reducing energy consumption and of course, your monthly bills. These are not exactly off the shelf, or cheap for that matter. If opt for a water nest it will be made to order, and prices begin at half a million euros.

It looks great, and is certainly a good answer to the lack of space we are all facing in terms of finding  home. Further more, it does what it says on the tin. If you have half a million and want something different, it’s certainly worth taking a look at.

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