Reduce, reuse, recycle – a mantra to save our money and our world

Reduce, reuse, recycle – a mantra to save our money and our world

It’s well known that landfills are pretty full these days. The situation with waste continues to spiral as millions of plastic bottles, Styrofoam boxes, and plastic bags are disposed of every day – and that’s naming but a few items. Reduce, reuse, recycle has become the mantra of each and every environmental agency and it is the way we need to live to sustain our future on planet earth.

Whilst we can put efforts into recycling, we need to tackle our own tendency to consume too. She Knows have some great tips for how to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Re-use clothing: Donate gently worn items to Goodwill or needy families. Sell them on eBay or at a garage sale. Host swap parties with friends and take turns wearing each other’s clothes.

Reduce the number of black sacks you use by preventing smelly rubbish, which makes you want to throw out sacks that are not full. Use a countertop composter for kitchen scraps to keep them from making your rubbish smelly in quick time.

The packaging used for take-away foods is wasteful and adds to the rubbish you throw out. Bring your own container instead of using the foam boxes. Decline the free napkin and plastic utensils. You can use your own at home.

Opt out of giant phone books and eliminate junk mail that comes to your home. Why pop it in the re-cycling, lets stop it at source.

Eliminate all of the bottles and cans of cleaners you use. Ninety-nine percent of your cleaning projects can be completed with vinegar and/or baking soda — neither of which will hurt the environment!

Avoid plastic and make use of cooled tap water. Switch to a trendy reusable glass bottle.

Just buy less – only what you need, and when you buy try to think reusable and long-term with minimal packaging and maximum use.

If you really don’t need something, why bring it into your home? Excessive items clutter your living space, your mind and give you more stuff to dispose of. Make a difference and simplify your life with this simple mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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