We are having pretty much the warmest November ever

We are having pretty much the warmest November ever

This year saw us have the warmest November ever, probably on record, which sounds great, but what does that mean when we look at the bigger picture of where our climate is going?

Over the past year, records have been broken and towards the end of it, November seems to be stacking up as a record breaker too. Strange temperatures have been recorded and in the UK, a day of 22 degrees celsius actually occured, something that would be considered unheard of in most parts of North or West of the European Continent.

Well, if this is what global warming is all about then bring it on. If November is a sign of what is to come then surely more milder weather at times when we don’t expect it is something to get excited about. Sadly, it’s not quite as cut and dry as that and being let off winter for a little longer will have another impact down the line. The reason that a strangely warm November is not really a good thing is because, when it comes to climate it’s all about balance. When something behaves differently, it knocks something else out of whack.

Snow and colder weather are predicted after November and as we have already seen, the wind and storm activity is on the increase.

The November temperature pattern has been changing since 1970, gradually getting warmer overall. This is where we start to worry, an incredibly warm November is a sign of the gradual warm up of the planet. It’s almost like being in the eye of the storm this month, away from the full energy of a cold winter. Problem is it won’t stay that way forever, so once our little sojourn is over it will be time to batten down the hatches, and not just for the rest of 2016, but into the future as we watch our climate change irreversibly. We are not getting off the hook, and until we make drastic changes, we never will be.

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