What’s the greenest place on earth?

What’s the greenest place on earth?

Of all the countries out there, which one could be considered the greenest place on earth? When it comes to keeping our world in good shape, who does the best job? The answers might surprise you.

Dual Citizen’s top ten list of greenest places puts Scandinavia on top, which is unsurprising when you see how many charts these countries do well on. Sweden tops the list with the best performance in terms of contributing to environmental protection. Next up is Norway, which is also working hard to preserve the natural beauty it has been blessed with. Costa Rica is next, the country that went carbon neutral last year and provides a great example for us all. After that we move to North Europe where Germany takes the next spot at number four. This is followed by Denmark, which is actually home to the world’s greenest city, Copenhagen, and then Switzerland.

In seventh place we have Austria, and then we go back up to Scandinavia to Finland. Iceland follows next and Southern Europe gets into the top ten performers with Spain in tenth place. Whilst it is great to see these countries moving along and getting things done, it is worrying to see that a lot of these countries are small. Many of the world’s larger countries, and booming economies don’t feature. China, India, Russia and the US all make up huge parts of the globe and contribute massively to pollution levels, yet not only are they no-where near the top ten. Efforts to get there don’t seem to be a priority either, which is worrying for everyone.

What we need is these top ten stakes to become something that every country is striving for, not just the small few that try harder every year. The big players need to be leading the way, this is the only chance we have to make everyone else’s efforts worth while. If there is a scale that a country should aim to top, the greenest place would most certainly be it.


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