Why not be an environmental activist in your community?

Why not be an environmental activist in your community?

Being an environmental activist seems like a big deal. You picture yourself plunging through the waves trying to save the whales, or chaining yourself to a tree, but that’s not necessarily the case.

If you have a yearning desire to make a difference, but don’t know how to do so in your own busy life, then why not be an environmental activist on a small scale? Just as each tiny bit of polluting we do adds up to a bigger problem, every little bit of change we make can add up to a bigger solution. Greenpeace has some tips if you want to play your part in creating change.
  • Write to your local energy utility asking them to promote energy efficient programs, energy efficient appliances and find alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear power.
  • Join one of the many local environmental groups in your area and help tackle local air and water pollution, or build community recycling programs.
  • Lobby your politicians, council members and company leaders. Tell them your concerns and ask them to clean up their acts. If there is an environmental issue in your community that concerns you – start your own campaign.
  • Organise a beach clean-up, or help to start a community composting program. You can then sell the compost to gardeners and nurseries to help cover your costs. Get a tree planting programme going.
  • Start a paint exchange with your neighbors and help educate friends and neighbors about environmentally sound paint use.
  • Set up a “pollution patrol” to report any signs of pollution in your local rivers, lakes, air and land.

When you look at the range of actions you can take, it will even give you ideas for other things that will work great in your local area. You know what you need to do, now match it with your power and desire to make change. Who knows where it will take you!

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