Why the bike is the new car

Why the bike is the new car

Getting around in our cars is becoming a much less cool thing to do, but the bike is enjoying something of a rennaissance. This is good news for everyone – and for a lot of reasons.

Hopping on the bike is set to become the new jumping in the car. People have cottoned on that the humble bike is actually a way to take on a lot of problems at one time. We are getting more obese for one, so what better, less expensive way to tackle the issue than to bike it? One hour’s biking burns around 300 calories, that’s quite an amount.

Bikes don’t pollute like cars do, meaning that they are massive contributors in the fight against global warming. Each mile on a bike saves a whopping pound of carbon dioxide and other gases from entering into our air supply. Aside from this, they cost a lot less to maintain and don’t need oil changes etc, saving you time.

They create a nicer environment too, cutting down not only on smog and other emmissions, but on noise pollution. Anyone who lives near or around a busy highway will appreciate just how important that is.

You can insure your bike, but be sure that it will cost a fraction of insuring a car, and then of course there’s road tax. If one thing is for sure, your car is a money guzzler, but your bike is designed to save you cash in so many ways. When it comes to depreciation over time, your car is the worst thing you could have.

Another huge plus point for biking is that it’s fun. It makes even the narrowest streets easily accessible and cuts down on the stress of parking too. All in all, this is a way to improve your life in a multitude of ways. If you haven’t been bitten by the bug yet, now is the time. Just bike it!



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