Why we all need a new religion

Why we all need a new religion

Religion is a tricky topic, so much so that it’s not really one you bring up at a dinner party or amongst others you don’t know that well. Maybe if we all got a bit of the right faith into our lives it could make a difference to how we live.

Some would argue that religion is a cause of problems in the world, others would say it’s our salvation. Whether religion be for better or worse, maybe it’s time we came up with a new one that fits with the world we live in. Whatever our beliefs, culture or background one thing we all have in common is the planet we live on. We share a home and it’s not in very good shape. In fact, if scientists are correct and we are facing the end of living on this planet as we know it, then it’s time to come up with a new religion – one where we worship mother nature.

This is not an entirely new concept. The Japanese have worshiped elements of the earth for generations as part of their Shinto faith. Native Americans always tried to give back when they took from nature and their respect for the environment they live in is something we could all infuse into our daily lives.

Mother nature has given us an awful lot and we seem to take, take, take, giving very little back in return. In the long run, when are set to lose the very environment that sustains us, so how do we stop this? Maybe religion is the answer. We need a common belief in saving the place we live in. Should we move our focus towards a worship of the land we live on, perhaps we could begin to place it before everything else including the pursuit of money and profit.

New religions spring up around the globe as people search for something to believe in. Little do we know we already had something to worship all along. What nature has given us is tangible, beautiful and kind. Now what could be more worthwhile?


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