Why we need green

Why we need green

People often talk about how nice it is to be surrounded by green. A walk in the forest, a trip up a mountain, wherever we find it, we are somehow drawn to the vibrant green that only nature can provide.

Loving green it seems is also something we are programmed to do and this particular colour has quite an impact on us human beings, whether we realise it or not. The Japanese consider green to symbolise eternal life according to Sensational Color, and in countries throughout the globe it has a special significance.

Unsurprisingly, our second favorite colour as humans is blue, the colour of the sky. Indeed, our connection to nature runs deeper than we think. Green apparently features most prominently in the spectrum visible to the human eye, more so than other colours. It shows up everywhere in nature and fills us with a sense of calm. It connects us to our natural world as no other colour can.

Natural greens, such as forest green or lime green, are tranquil and refreshing, and they provide a certain balance that people love to bring into their homes. Green is considered the colour of peace and ecology. It’s not all positive of course, the phrase feeling ill to the point of ‘turning green’ or feeling ‘green with envy’ are out there too, yet our love affair with this colour of nature still prevails.

Physically and mentally, this is a colour that relaxes us. It promotes harmony and can help to alleviate depression, anxiety and even certain illnesses. There is a good reason why people go to the country to recover from challenges in life. The connection is a strong one, we need green, so it makes no sense to remove it from our home. Deforestation, pollution and a host of other things are robbing us of this wonderful colour. We need to change our actions and hold onto green, for our own good and for that of future generations who will need it as much as we do.


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