Why we need soil to be dirty

Why we need soil to be dirty

Soil is the basis of our planet, ground zero, from where the plant life that sustains us begins. We need it to be dirty, but naturally so and this is to ensure our very survival.

Soil is dirty, and as any mum washing kids clothing will know, it can be a nuisance. It is vital for us as beings on this planet however, and we need to ensure we let it occur in its natural form. In fact, when we strip soil of its natural properties, it can have catastrophic consequences. This is seen in the form of landslides that drag down people’s homes and land. With global warming, this is a more frequent occurence.

Mankind is in fact, creating its own disaster when it comes to soil depletion. We overfarm land, or graze too many animals on it, wiping it clean of the nutrients it needs to sustain life. With plant life no longer in soil, it becomes bare, and dry. The increasing amount of dessert in the world is a sure sign of how we are changing soil to dust. We strip soil of its natural defences, and it quite literally, blows away.

People can affect the soil in many ways. We pollute it by dumping chemicals and other wastes. We deplete it of nutrients by over farming until grasslands become desert. We allow livestock to over graze it, until the plant life is gone. With no roots to anchor the soil, it can just blow or wash away. Exploring nature note that scientists believe 24 billion tons of topsoil are lost every year to erosion by wind, water and other causes. More than 40% of the Earth’s land is dry and more than 2 billion of the people on the planet live in those dry areas. In terms of human impact, its truly terrible.

Soil should be dirty, but not with the contaminants we produce. Chemical waste, overuse, and landfill all degrade this vital resource. Every plant and animal on this earth needs soil, dirty and in its natural form. Its time we halted this silent devastation, and better before its too late.

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