Your mobile phone – the silent polluter you can’t live without

Your mobile phone – the silent polluter you can’t live without

The mobile phone is known for causing massive visible pollution. Old discarded phones pile up creating mountains of waste and their batteries leak toxins into the earth and water. Aside from all of these visible issues, mobiles are silent polluters too.

Mobile phones use microwaves and radio waves and that’s not something we think about a lot. The degree to which the physical phone causes pollution is a big worry, but another worry we rarely factor in are the rays and waves that are fly over the place. They keep us connected, but how do they affect us physically? Microwaves heat things up, and a mobile phone has been shown to have the capability to slightly heat a cup of water. Seems like that shouldn’t be a big deal really, but when you consider that our delicate brains are mostly made of water, it begs the question – are we being affected more than we think? We hold this thing right next to our ear, and often sleep with it next to us, there is no doubt we are totally open to any pollution it causes.

A mobile phone emits radiation in order to find the nearest mast to transmit a signal. Your phone never stops talking to the network either, even when you are done talking on the phone. Energy constantly eminates from it, and as it is usually close to you, some of this energy goes into your body.

You could decide to give up on the mobile phone and try to get away from all of this, but the network is still out there irradiating you. Those rectangular masts are all over the place, emitting and transmitting and the effects on people and animals, whilst yet to be quantified, are negative.

It’s hard to tell just how much we do or will suffer from silent mobile phone pollution, but one thing is certain, any bad news will not come from the phone companies. Let’s hope someone else can bring us the truth, so we can decide for ourselves.

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